This is The Mah Jong game. I made 3 games for you.
You must eliminate all open tiles(click on the same open tiles).
You can use the HINT button. (Click on it).
It will show you all open tiles.
If you will go the wrong path, you will probably get to a dead end.
In this case, TileMatcher will appear. (42 minitiles).  
It will let you eliminate any open tiles.
Just click on the open tile, and after this, click on the corresponding minitile.
This version includes game editor, so You can build your own games.
Click on the blue targets squares: they will changes into the green squares.
( delete green square =  right click)
Now RIGHT click on the small tile and all green squares will changes into this tile.
(if you accidentally  make LEFT click , then make LEFT click on this tile again).
If you want to delete tile =point mouse courser on it and press delete button on keyboard.
After you finishes building the game, save it.
On the right side you will find 62 yellow squares. Each for Save/Load one game.
Right click will save the game in this location.
Left click will load the game from this location.
After you save or load the game click on the START button : game will run.
Press F1 for help.


Sudoku Checker

It will help you to play Sudoku games.You can make your own Sudoku games.
To fill up the grid use left click on numbers in the left corner.
After this click on grid cells to fill it up.
To remove the number from the cell use right click.
To save game click on save button.
To load saved game click on load button.
To change views use F5 and F8.
For help press F1.

8 queens

Put the 8 queens on the board without the queens capturing each other.
Left mouse click will put queen on the board.
Right mouse click will remove queen from the board.

Cross The Bridge

You have 30 min to cross this bridge.
Only two cars can go over the bridge at the same time.
Click on car(s) to choose(left mouse button).
If you chose the wrong car,click on a car with the right mouse button.
Click on GO arrows to go.
To restart the game press F5.
To exit the game press F12.

Dads Puzzle

To choose square to move => click it.
Use arrow keys to move it.

TASK : move square#1 to the
left down corner.
to save current position use
blue butons(1-7 right click).
to load saved positions left click
on the blue buttons (1-7).

15 Squares

10 Coins

This is an old classic game where you need to find the bag that is full of fake money.

 You have ten bags, each containing ten coins.
 An authentic coin weighs ten grams. A fake coin weighs nine grams.

You have a scale which you may use only once.
If you click on a bag, a coin will fall onto the scale.

The numbers on the top of each bag will show you how many coins from the bag you have put on the scale.

If you mistakenly put more coins then you want on the scale, click on the number on top of the bag and it will decrease the number of coins that you have placed on the scale by a number of one.

You may use all the coins from the bags in any combination you want.

 After you finish with putting the coins on the scale, you can push the red button which will trigger the scale and show you how much the coins you selected weigh.

 After this you can click on the bag which you think is full of fake coins to see the result.

Light Bulbs